Critical Role of a Forex Trading System

The Critical Role of a Forex Trading System – Two Novice Forex Traders Tell Their Tale

Tools and resources are available to help you succeed in any endeavor or endeavor you choose. This is particularly true when dealing with foreign exchange. As intimidating as the currency market might be, success in Forex trading is not a matter of chance. There are just too many unknowns to predict the future course of exchange rates.

What follows are two facts that cannot be ignored:

  • Most novices approach Forex alone, without any training or resources. (Most amateurs end up broke.)
  • Second, a Forex trading strategy is a tool used by the majority of successful traders (Successful traders make VERY good money in Forex).

Despite widespread awareness of these facts, many Forex rookies yet plough forward regardless, making tenuous educated guesses about which currency pairs to trade and which stocks to purchase and which to sell. If they had invested in a Forex trading strategy and software from the start, they might not have lost all their trading capital. Be careful not to repeat it. It is strongly suggested that you look into the many Forex trading strategies and tools available if you want to be successful with currency trading (i.e. making consistent profitable deals).

Allow me to elaborate with a tale of two Forex traders:

Both Tom and Jim have been doing a lot of research on foreign exchange recently. They have both been putting in a lot of time on the internet to learn about currency trading and figure out whether and how they can make a quick profit from it. They believe the claims made by all the marketing materials they’ve read, which state that rapid monetary growth is possible. Yes, there is danger, but the potential payoff is far greater. They then agree to give Forex a go and see if they can make a success of it together.

Both of these dudes are extremely driven and committed to giving Forex their all. As a result, they have decided to put $1,000 (each) into forex trading. In the event that they lose the $1,000, they will stop trading Forex and consider whether or not to do it again in the future. Both have demonstrated their dedication to making Forex work for them by investing $1,000.

When we first begin:

Tom deposits all $1,000 into an online Forex broker’s retail account. Every trade choice Tom makes will be made by himself. He plans to learn the ropes on his own and has already started stalking Forex message boards in the hopes of picking up some useful hints.

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Jim decides to choose a new path. He has the same drive as Tom, but he knows he is lacking in experience and is cognizant of the complexities of the Forex market. Therefore, he withdraws $900 from the bank and deposits it with the same retail Forex broker that Tom uses. Aiming to improve his trading performance, he puts aside the remaining $100 to invest in Forex trading strategies and software. He is familiar with the advantage these aids may provide from his days as a day trader (especially if you are just learning the ropes).

Month 1:

Tom immediately started trading foreign exchange. His first investment paid good, but it gradually turned into a loss. He had already lost $100 before he even submitted his sell request. The most of his transactions were losers, although he did make a few cents here and there. Although many deals had promising beginnings, they often descended into a downward spiral for reasons he couldn’t fathom. Tom’s trading account was down to $400 after his first month of currency trading.

Jim, after some investigation, you’ve uncovered Forex Ambush. Members of this site had access to profitable trading signals. A claim that their trading signals were 99.9 percent accurate caught his eye. What gives them the gall to make such a claim? Jim dug deeper and discovered widespread support amongst active participants. Also, Jim was convinced to give Forex Ambush a go because the company provided a 7-day trial at a steep discount.

Jim might experience Forex Ambush’s 99.9 percent accurate trading signals for seven days and less than twenty dollars. It was clear that he was over the moon with joy. If Forex Ambush didn’t work, he still had over $80 to work with in his $900 trading account.

One of Forex Ambush’s trading signals was sent to Jim’s inbox the next day. Despite his inexperience, Jim followed the trading signal’s instructions to the letter since he remembered the emphatic accuracy assurance. Jim made a profit of $145 after commissions and fees when his deal went through later that day. He was beyond ecstatic. Jim decided to become a full-time member of Forex Ambush after his initial 7-day trial period was finished. While not every trade signal was successful, the vast majority succeeded. What little he lost was little. When the month was through, Jim’s Forex trading account had a healthy $1750 in it.

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Month 2:

Tom felt depressed and discouraged. His $1,000 had dropped to $400 in less than a month. He engaged in riskier, higher-value deals in an attempt to recoup his losses. The ultimate effect was that he had zero dollars in his bank account before the month was out. Tom felt annoyed and anger. He made it clear to anybody who would listen that foreign exchange trading was a fraud and they should not waste their money on it.

But Jim was floating on air. He had managed to multiply his initial investment of $900 into $1,750. He was still receiving daily trade signals from Forex Ambush through email, but he was also experimenting with several other Forex trading methods. After a month of consistently successful trading, his knowledge and confidence in the Forex market had skyrocketed. Two months into the year, Jim’s trading account had grown to a healthy $2355.

The most impressive aspect of Jim’s efforts was that he did them in his leisure time. He was still working a full-time job to pay for his day-to-day needs. His Forex earnings were a bonus. He’s been thinking about becoming a full-time Forex trader and leaving his current work. For the time being, though, he is content with the reliability of his existing employment and the rewards of his “side money” in Forex.

The lesson here is that if you want to achieve success in an area in which you have limited background knowledge and expertise, you should spend money on acquiring such resources.

Do you want to end up like Tom, destitute, frustrated, and convinced that Forex is a scam? Or would you rather be more like Jim and put your money into resources that will help you succeed, from which you can then benefit in the form of increased earnings? Finding a Forex trading method that can offer you an edge is a must if you are serious about making money with Forex.